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    2 out of 3 consumers saved fuel with Mobil 1™

    Mobil 1 fully synthetic oils have been specifically formulated to circulate with more ease than traditional mineral oils.

    Traditional mineral oils take longer to circulate, making the engine thirsty and less efficient. Mobil 1 fully synthetic oils get to work faster, so your engine reaches peak operating efficency sooner.

    If you want to join the 2 out of the 3 consumers who saved fuel with Mobil 1™* try it today!

    *Findings based on responses to a consumer survey of 1,103 users of Mobil 1 product in the United Kingdom, conducted by www.mobil1.co.uk between 01/02/2013 and 30/04/2013.  Note that fuel savings can be dependent on a variety of factors and driving habits/conditions in addition to the performance of a specific Mobil 1 lubricant.  For the potential fuel efficiency of your Mobil 1 lubricant, please consult the product description and specifications on this website