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  • Industrial Oils

  • Mobil DTE 24,25,26,27

    Mobil DTE 24,25,26,27

    Mobil DTE 20 Series oils are supreme performance anti-wear hydraulic oils designed to satisfy a wide range of hydraulic equipment requirements. They provide long oil/filter life and optimum equipment protection reducing both maintenance costs and product disposal costs. They were developed in conjunction with the major builders to meet the stringent requirements of severe hydraulic systems using high pressure, high output pumps as well as handling the critical requirements of other hydraulic system components such as close clearance servo-valves and the high accuracy numerically controlled (NC) machine tools. These products meet the most rigorous performance requirements of a wide range of hydraulic system and component manufacturers using various multi-metallurgy designs allowing a single product with outstanding performance characteristics.


    The DTE 20 Series oils are formulated with high quality base oils and a super-stabilised additive system that neutralises the formation of corrosive materials. They are designed to work with systems operating under severe conditions where high levels of antiwear and film strength protection are needed, yet they are formulated to work where non-antiwear hydraulic oils are generally recommended.

  • Nuto H68

    Nuto H68

    Nuto H Series oils are premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oils intended for industrial and mobile service applications where anti-wear lubricants are required. They are formulated with high quality base oils and a select additive system that results in products that provide many desirable features to improve and prolong equipment life. Nuto H Series oils are designed to provide good performance in a range of hydraulic components used in systems subjected to moderate to severe operating conditions. These products meet the performance requirements of a wide range of hydraulic system and component OEM's.

  • Mobilgear 600 XP 68, 150,220,320,460,680

    Mobilgear 600 XP 68, 150,220,320,460,680

    The Mobilgear 600 XP Series are extra high performance gear oils having outstanding extreme pressure characteristics and load-carrying properties, intended for use in all types of enclosed gear drives with circulation or splash lubrication systems. Mobilgear 600 XP Series is designed to stay ahead of the changing needs of gearbox technology. Gearbox technology design trends are towards smaller units with similar power throughput. This increase in power density places increased demands on gear oils. Mobilgear 600 XP Series oils are formulated to meet the stress by providing extra protection for gears, bearings and seals.


    Mobilgear 600 XP Series oils are recommended for industrial spur, helical and bevel enclosed gears with circulation or splash lubrication, operating at bulk oil temperatures up to 100ºC. They are particularly suitable for gear sets working under heavy or shock loads. Mobilgear 600 XP oils also find broad application in marine gearing applications. They may also be used in non-gear applications include highly loaded and slow speed plain and rolling contact bearings.

  • DTE Light, Medium, Heavy Medium, Heavy

    DTE Light, Medium, Heavy Medium, Heavy

    Mobil DTE Light, Medium, Heavy Medium and Heavy are a range of high quality circulation oils made from solvent refined high viscosity index base oils and blended with anti-oxidant and anti-rust additives. They meet BS 489 Turbine Oil Requirements.

  • Vacuoline 528, 533, 537

    Vacuoline 528, 533, 537

    The Mobil Vacuoline 500 Series family of products provides a versatile lubricant source for a wide range of industrial equipment.  The Mobil Vacuoline 500 Series of lubricants are high performance heavy duty circulating oils designed for the demands of No-Twist Rod mills, however their all round performance makes them a excellent choice for circulation systems lubricating gears and bearings. Mobil Vacuoline 500 Series are designed to meet the critical requirements of the Morgan Construction Company's high speed No-Twist Rod Mills, as well as the circulation oil requirements of Danielli rod mills.


    They are formulated from high quality base stocks and a proprietary additive system to provide superior wettability, extra oil retention and thin film protection against rust and corrosion.    Mobil Vacuoline 500 gives excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation, and a high level of protection against wear. They possess excellent demulsibility that permits water and other contaminants to separate readily from the oil in the system reservoir.

  • Gargoyle Arctic Oil 300

    Gargoyle Arctic Oil 300

    Mobil Gargoyle Arctic Oil 155 and 300 are high quality and specifically selected mineral oils primarily intended for use in refrigeration compressors. They have excellent fluidity at very low temperatures by virtue of being almost wax-free. Consequently, the use of Mobil Gargoyle Arctic Oil 155 and 300 ensures that evaporator tubes are kept clean to improve heat transfer and so reduce downtime for maintenance.


    They have a high degree of chemical stability and are suitable both for cylinder and bearing lubrication.  Mobil Gargoyle Arctic Oil 155 and 300 may be used with CFC's (eg. R12), HCFC (eg. R22) and ammonia refrigerants. They have low R-12 Floc Points. The moisture content of Mobil Gargoyle Arctic Oils is very low when the oils are packaged. Every precaution should be taken to keep the oils dry to avoid the formation of ice in expansion valves, and to limit the risks of oil degradation, copper plating, etc.

  • Mobil Almo 527

    Mobil Almo 527

    Mobil Almo 527 is a premium quality product primarily intended for the lubrication of pneumatically operated rock drills in underground and surface mining operations. It is formulated from high quality base stocks and additives that provide excellent chemical stability and good protection against wear and corrosion. It does not form gummy deposits that could cause sluggish valve action. Its high viscosity index and low pour point ensure good lubrication at low temperatures resulting from air expansion and guards against icing stoppages, while providing adequate oil films on drill parts that may operate at higher temperatures. Even in the presence of large amounts of water, Mobil Almo 527 has good preferential metal-wetting properties, and its adhesive nature and ability to emulsify water ensure the maintenance of continuous oil films to reduce wear and protect against rusting and corrosion. Oil fog generation levels are extremely low, and are both non-toxic and non-irritating with a bland, unobjectionable odor.

  • Mobiltherm 605

    Mobiltherm 605

    Mobiltherm 605 heat transfer oil is a premium, high quality product intended for use in closed indirect heating installations. It is formulated from highly refined base stocks that are resistant to thermal cracking and chemical oxidation. It has good heat transfer efficiency and the oil viscosity is such that it can be pumped readily at both start-up and operating temperatures.  The flash point of this oil will not decrease significantly in service because of its resistance to thermal cracking at the operating temperatures for which it is recommended. Mobiltherm 605 is very thermally stable and is capable of an extremely long service life without deposit formation or viscosity increase. It demonstrates high specific heat and thermal conductivity which provide more rapid heating and greater flexibility in a system.

  • Rarus 1024, 1025, 1026

    Rarus 1024, 1025, 1026

    Mobil Rarus SHC 1020 Series are synthetic hydrocarbon based lubricants affording the very best protection for rotary air compressors and turbo chargers. Possession of superior thermal and oxidation stability enables them to function over a greater range of application temperatures with low coking tendency and resistance to residue formation. These properties enable Mobil Rarus SHC 1020 Series to reduce maintenance and simultaneously improve safety by reducing fire and explosion risk. Superior hydrolytic stability also assures optimum compatibility when in the presence of water.

  • Rarus 827

    Rarus 827

    The Mobil Rarus 800 Series is a line of supreme performance air compressor lubricants primarily intended for the lubrication of severe duty reciprocating air compressors but are not recommended for air compressors used in breathing air applications. They are engineered to meet or exceed the stringent requirements of the major compressor manufacturers. They are formulated with design-specific synthetic base-oils and a high technology additive system that assures exceptional equipment protection and reliability for compressors operating under conditions where mineral-oil based products are not meeting expectations. Mobil Rarus 800 Series provide excellent wear protection and outstanding resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation, greatly superior to mineral oils. Their unique formulation provides the ability to help reduce maintenance costs through minimising equipment problems and downstream deposits and carryover.